Return Policy

The Juice Fiji Pte Limited Return Policy is crafted to provide the customer with a means of resolving product issues. While we try very hard to address your concerns to the best of our ability, the resolution does not always result in replacement.

If you have an issue with your order, please contact us on or call +679 998 9342.

Juice Fiji Pte Limited will take your issue into consideration and attempt to come to a fair resolution. You may also fill out our Contact Us form if you prefer not to call or email directly.

Juice Fiji Products are NOT covered by warranty by the manufacturer (Juice Fiji Pte Limited). These may include but are not limited to the following:

  • Juice Fiji (Original, Warusi, Seasonals, Essentials): taste is subjective and subject to device, temperature, seasonal fruits etc.
  • Packaging that was sealed by mfg (Juice Fiji Pte Limited) and has been opened.

Juice Fiji Returns

Juice Fiji Pte Limited does not accept returns for any reason. If you have received a bottle of juice in the wrong flavour, or bottle which is wrong in its capacity (i.e. ordered 1 litre bottles and receiving 480ml) please contact us within 7 days of receiving your item.

Exchange – Juice Fiji Pte Limited will not allow exchange of any orders after it has been shipped.

Wrong Item Received – In the unlikely event that you should receive an item that is not what you ordered, please contact us immediately.

DOA – DOA stands for “Dead On Arrival”. The definition of DOA is an item (Juice Fiji- Original, Warusi, Seasonals, or Essentials) that is completely non-consumable upon receiving or an item (Juice Fiji- Original, Warusi, Seasonals, or Essentials) that does not identify in a manner in which it can be consumed. Minor cosmetic damage exclusive to the product manufacturer or missing content from the sealed packaging are examples of, but are not limited to, conditions that do not constitute a DOA item.

Should you receive a DOA item, you must contact Juice Fiji Pte Limited within 24 hours of receiving the product. A customer service representative will attempt to determine the status of your product through a series of questions and requests for photos. This is not an interrogation but simply a means of determining the problem with your product. Should your item be deemed DOA, then only Juice Fiji Pte Limited will issue a refund or replacement. Subject to approval, refund or replacement will be shipped out to you.

Returning Juice Fiji Products

Juice Fiji Pte Limited will not require you to return any of its products once shipped out of Fiji Islands. Note: Juice Fiji products are all manufactured using fresh fruits and vegetables

Packages/Items Damaged in Transit

Should your package be damaged by the shipping carrier in transit to you, do not open it. Instead, please reject the delivery immediately by telling the carrier in person or by returning it to the carrier immediately, and then contact us. This will clear you of any responsibility, however, this can only be done with unopened packages. If you have already opened it, please contact Juice Fiji Pte Limited customer service within 24 hours of receiving your package. Please include detailed pictures of the damage to the package. At that time, a customer service representative will determine what action should be taken.